Collie’s bbq

Sports Bar & Grill


It’s been a long, fun day of skiing or hiking at the Park City Resort. A little tired, in the best way possible, you step off the town lift for a bite to eat before you crash. You’re looking for good food, nothing fancy. Just off the lift is Collie’s Sports Bar and Grill. You step inside and find the ideal place for a burger and beer. Up front, groups of friends battle at billiards to see who will buy the next round and just a little further towards the back you grab a seat to check in on all your favorite sports teams. There are TV’s everywhere, so you feel confident you are up to date on all the games that matter. The servers are also more than happy to flip the dials to your team’s game if needed. Glancing at the menu you find the classics: burgers, wings and fries. Next to those are some updated options with a twist like the “Climax” and the “Widow Maker.” This decision might take a while. So, you sit back, peruse the menu and enjoy the game. 

Collie’s has indoor and outdoor seating. It’s the perfect place for friends to hang out, play pool, watch a game and eat some really good burgers, with bacon of course. Appetizers and sandwiches are around $15 while the BBQ climbs to $20. Located on Main Street, Collie’s is a great place to start or end the day or just take an hour for lunch. You can get fare of all kinds from chips and queso to chicken tenders. They even have gluten free options and are open every day of the week. Be sure to note bar hours are different from kitchen hours and call for reservations. Sometimes, it’s nice to be part of the herd.