Q: May I keep my coaster after paying the tab?

A: At the moment we require all restaurants to collect the coasters as they are used. This helps us at MounTins understand how much traffic each restaurant it receiving. 

Q: Do Mountins sell out?

A: Yes! Every year we create a select number of tins. We continue to increase the number produced but we don't like to overwhelm the participating restaurants. 

Q: Which non-profits do you donate to?

A: Currently we are planning on donating profits from the 2019 collection to Protect Our Winter and the Utah Avalanche Center. 

Q: What cities are you planning on expanding to?

A: At MounTins, we target luxury ski towns. We are starting in Park City and plan to expand into Aspen, Colorado and Lake Tahoe, California in 2020. Feel free to contact us for any other location suggestions.