Aussie Cuisine


Step out of the cold and into the warm wooden tones and stress-free décor of Five5eeds restaurant. The early morning calls for good coffee and a healthy breakfast and you have found just the place. Sunshine pours in through the windows as the smell of fresh coffee drives away the final vestiges of sleep. Today is going to be a good day. You’ve made it out of bed, to the coffee house and might even order a healthy breakfast of “smashed avo on Toast” or “steel cut oats.” Time for an adventurous first meal as colorful as it is delicious. It’s so good you consider if it would be weird to come back for lunch today or if you should wait until tomorrow to try the Asian chicken salad. 

Five5eeds is off Main Street and well worth finding. This little coffee house and eatery is perfect for travelers looking for something with a more local vibe. They have a select menu of Australia-inspired healthy meals and you have to try the coffee. Really, they are very serious about it. The owners moved to PC from Melbourne, and brought a taste of the Outback with them. A great spot for a business lunch of a ‘gram-worthy bite (even the lighting is good), Five5eeds caters to foodies of any age. Breakfast is served all day and lunch is available after 11. The plates run $10-15, but they serve a good amount of food and they have a kid’s menu for the little ones. Try the Savory Waffle and Chook for a breakfast that will stick with you, or an acai bowl for a guilt free option. Five5eeds doesn’t have specifically vegan items on their menu, but many of their plates are gluten free and a few are vegan — the perfect place to take your vegetarian friends. So get up and get going, food and coffee await.