Australian Style Breakfast


Just down from the lift lodge, right next to the rental shop lies a little upscale breakfast nook. You walk inside to find dark wood tables and a beautiful white marble bar area. Feeling just a little posh, even if you are wearing ski boots, you grab a seat. Colorful plates and Mason jars full of some kind of delicious float past. Sunshine pours in and people chatter at the door as they wait for a table. You grab a spot at the long high table thinking maybe you could strike up a conversation with a neighbor and watch a couple go to one of the smaller tables nearby. This is the perfect place to chat with a stranger over a cup of joe or to enjoy a book at the bar in sumptuous solitude. 

Harvest is a coffee bar and café with a limited menu served all day. They are open 8-3 every day of the week and plates run about $15. There is an outdoor patio with beautiful mountain views to start the morning right, or coffee bar seating if you prefer to watch the bustling kitchen. Seating can be limited, especially on cold days, but this is a great spot if you’re new to town and worried about finding your way. While the food is healthy, boasting acai bowls and “Nourish Toast,” the menu does not have specific dietary adjustments for gluten free, dairy free or vegan needs. However, the coffee can be made with soy, almond or coconut milk for an additional 75 cents. The coffee is a special blend unique to Harvest and very high quality. Additionally, the food is primarily locally sourced and available according to season. Get there early on cold days or be prepared to wait a spell as they don’t take reservations.