Italian Cuisine & Pizzera


The best pizza in town. That’s a pretty big promise. When you walk into the pub vibe at Maxwell’s, you hear the chatter of TV’s, take in the dark wood tables and claim a big booth for yourself and your friends. A bar complete with diner-style red velvet stools line one side of the dining area. Pizzeria or not, you feel confident you can get a drink. All around you, families and friends share gooey slices of hot pizza. You chuckle to yourself as you notice the one girl with a salad a few tables over. We all have that cousin. Sit back, relax and prepare for a night of friendly shenanigans and hot food with good buddies. Beer in hand and pie on the way, you’re all set. 

This off-Main Street eatery has it all: beer, wine, appetizers in Mason jars and pizza by the pie or by the slice. They also serve pub favorites like wings, pasta and meatballs, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches and yes, salads. They were featured on TV, “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” (so they must be good!) and their portions are enough to fill you up, even if there are a lot of you. This is a great spot for big families or boys, ages 12-30, who just burned a lot of calories skiing. The booths create a kind of secluded feeling amidst the hubbub. Plates run at $10 for lunch and closer to $20 for dinner. Pizzas start at $21 for the table or $3.50 by the slice and you can build your own or try out one of Maxwell’s creations. The pizzas all have themes, so if you can’t decide based on toppings alone, the table can pick which character fits you best. Then we’ll see how you like the taste of your own medicine. Call for reservations.