myrtle rose

Steak House


What is more comforting than Southern food? A Southern style restaurant inspired by the owner’s grandmother. As you walk past Myrtle Rose, the decadent stone work and inviting outdoor couches already entice you to stop in. After a glance at the menu, you’re sold. Meatloaf, burgers, braised ribs and chicken and biscuits all sound like the answer to just about any problem. Inside, lush purple chairs and generously spaced tables capture the elegance of Southern comfort. A floating bar allows you to be in the center of things and stay up to date on the game while you wait for company to arrive. Here is a place to chat over drinks and really get to know someone. Just bring your manners and your appetite. 

Myrtle Rose is more on the expensive side, but you can’t beat their outdoor patio, ambience or quality of food. If you like Maxwell’s, Myrtle Rose is owned by the same person and inspired by his grandmother. While it may not be low cholesterol, there is a reason hearty food is so satisfying. Whether it’s steak or fried calamari, a cocktail and some lounge time will pair nicely.  Myrtle Rose does have gluten free options and alcohol is a whole different kind of calorie. The space between tables and romantic ambience makes this an ideal date spot. You can also sit at the hand-crafted bar and enjoy a drink solo. Food cooked from scratch is good for couples and loners alike. So is all fried food, for that matter, and be sure to check out the seafood. No one does crab like the South. Seize the summer and enjoy the fresh mountain air by the outdoor heaters on the patio. Reservations can be made over the phone.