Riverhorse provisions

Gourmet Cafe & Grocery


Park City Provisions the perfect place to stop in for, well, anything. Maybe you’ve eaten at Riverhorse, the five-star Park City restaurant, or maybe you’re just taking a chance on the cute blue building with the sunny white balcony at the top of Main Street. Either way, you’ll not be disappointed. The main floor is a deli with fresh meats, artisan bread and really anything else you might discover you desperately need. Down the stairs, you find an espresso bar for your daily caffeine dose. You grab a coffee to go, a premade lunch from the deli (for the adventures ahead) and you’re off. 

Park City Provisions upholds Riverhorse’s high standards while creating an environment perfect for those in a rush. Grab a premade sandwich and a unique treat or sit for a spell and enjoy a coffee downstairs. They have two menus; both served all day. This is not your typical deli and café. Here, you can get a real hot meal such as “Alaskan Halibut fish tacos.” Those with dietary needs can grab a disassembled meal if nothing on the menu is appealing and the whole family can get a snack in one place. Speaking of snacking, the upstairs patio is perfectly situated to stay on top of the bustling Main Street traffic and provides a sunny respite. In too much of a hurry? You can pre-order your food online to cut down wait times and even get an “apres-ski pack” for a relaxing meal after a day on the slopes. Start your day in the café with a “strawberry mango smoothie” or a “smoked salmon smothered bagel” and return at the end of the day for a glass of wine and an easy premade meal at home. It’s the perfect fix for any food emergency, open every day of the week until five or eight pm.